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Your passions...Unbound


Within The Veil


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In a battle for the soul of Faerie, Hudson and her mates must triumph over darkness and bring about a new era of peace.

Can Hudson and her mates fulfill the 300-year-old Prophecy and save the world, or will they be doomed to failure?

When a betrayal pierces the Veil, how will Hudson and her mates bring about peace to a land that has been shrouded in darkness for 300 years?

With the rightful Queen finally breaching the Veil to assume her place as the inception of Prophecy, Hudson and her mates must figure out how to gain allies to bring Nici, the imposter queen, to her knees.

After several years of planning, Ellie and her mate Pixie are ready to infiltrate the Council of Darnica.

The only thing standing in their way? In order to get closer they will need to join an elite squad of soldiers, The Shadows, known for their allegiance to the Capital and the Council. 

Luca, Etienne, Dimitri and Dante have a mission. 

When they run into Charlie and Pixie, sparks start to fly, literally. Suddenly, for Luca, Etienne, Dimitri and Dante, this has become more than just a has become a mystery worth exploring.

Knot Quite Ready

When fur, claws, and fate collide, this omega's heart won't be easily tamed…
After escaping her old pack, Aneira discovers Cabria Falls, a Mixed Shifter Community that feels like home.
But just when she's enjoying her newfound peace and hard-earned freedom, a wolf pack snarls into town. And with it? An Alpha who smells like the stuff of nightmares and wet dreams combined. Furrr-ccckkkk.

Petty Betty

Dating is a cluster fu*<. Relationships? A fu*< of clusters.

But worst of all are the assholes that get away with it.

Not anymore…

During their weekly, drunken girls’ night, Betsey and her friends fantasize about revenge for all who have been scorned. Then, after one too many b!tching sessions and six too many shots…Petty Betty is born.

Femme Fatale

Welcome to Femme Fatale, an exclusive club where women can unleash their deepest fantasies.
Meet Josslyn, the alluring succubus who runs the club with an iron fist and knows just how to please her female patrons. But when Adelaide and Karissa enter her world, Josslyn finds herself captivated in a way she never thought possible. These two women quickly become her obsession, and she can't help but want to make them her own.

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