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Behind the Smoke

Ruby is unapologetically herself, and that's what makes her so amazing. She may curse a bit too much and mother her loved ones with ferocity, but above all, she loves her husband with every fiber of her being. In fact, she loves all her characters in the same way, as they reflect her bold, and inappropriately hilarious personality.

Ruby doesn't hold back and doesn't believe in the concept of ""too much"". She pours her heart and soul into everything she does, from loving herself and others to exploring her sexuality to supporting her friends and family. To Ruby, there's no limit on the amount of love you can give or receive, and no taboo topic is off-limits.

When you read Ruby's work, you'll see that same unbridled passion shining through every page. She doesn't know how to be anything other than herself, and that's what makes her such a force to be reckoned with. So if you're ready for a journey with a writer who's unafraid to be too much, too loud, and too real, then Ruby is the writer for you.

Her stories feature incredible women who never give up, who refuse to be told no, and who won't let anyone else dictate their lives. These heroines fiercely value their relationships and connections while also embracing their sexuality and desires. They accept others for who they are and empower you to do the same.

When you read Ruby's stories, you'll feel the fire of determination and strength burning within you. Her heroines show you that you don't have to apologize for taking what you want, and that's the kind of person Ruby strives to be every day. She hopes her children will also look up to these incredible women as role models and learn to live their lives with the same passion and courage.

Oh, Ruby is also a bit of a smut enthusiast and proud of it. Go and follow Ruby to keep up to date with all of her latest books.


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So as an author you meet amazing friends, companions and bloggers who help make the writing community an absolutely wonderful place. Many of these authors will blow your mind as they have done mine. I am not selfish enough to ever assume I’m the only person in the world, so lets enjoy all the other authors who have made me, the author and person I am today.

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