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what are you willing to risk to find the truth?


Do you ever feel like you're different, like you have powers beyond what others around you can imagine?

Ellie has been hidden away her whole life, kept safe by her parents, who knew just how special she truly was. But when tragedy strikes and Ellie's parents are murdered, she's forced to harness her powers and become the one thing that can save her community from the corruption that's slowly taking over.

With the help of her mate, Pixie, Ellie plans to infiltrate the Council of Darnica and uncover the truth. But to get there, they must first join an elite squad of soldiers known as The Shadows, who are loyal to the Capital and the Council. As they get closer to the Council, they'll need to ask themselves: what are they willing to risk to find the truth?

Luca, Etienne, Dimitri, and Dante - are on a mission to uncover a vigilante who's been murdering high members of society. But when they meet Charlie and Pixie, their mission takes an unexpected turn, and they find themselves drawn into a mystery that's bigger than anything they've ever faced.

Join Ellie, Pixie, Luca, Etienne, Dimitri, and Dante in this thrilling tale of power, mystery, and adventure on a journey of a lifetime - one that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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