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Within The Veil

When the Light and the Dark collide… who will maintain the balance within the Veil?

Within the Veil Ebook.jpg

When a betrayal pierces the Veil, how will Hudson and her mates bring about peace to a land that has been shrouded in darkness for 300 years?

With the rightful Queen finally breaching the Veil to assume her place as the inception of Prophecy, Hudson and her mates must figure out how to gain allies to bring Nici, the imposter queen, to her knees.

With everyone’s truths now on the table and the fate of the Fae hanging in the balance, can Hudson gain all the necessary knowledge and power to inspire faith and loyalty from those who are the embodiments of a myth as old as time? Will the growth of her family fuel the fiery passion she requires to surpass all expectations?

In a battle for the soul of Faerie, Hudson must harness every ounce of her strength to triumph over darkness and claim her rightful place on the throne.

A war is brewing. Can the 300 year old Prophecy be a promise of success or spell the disaster of a world long shrouded in mystery.

All Hail Rhiona of Faell and her consorts. Let them live long and fulfilling lives.

Within the Veil Ebook.jpg
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