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Petty Betty

Dating is a cluster fu*<. Relationships? A fu*< of clusters.

But worst of all are the assholes that get away with it.

Not anymore…


Have you ever dreamed of getting revenge on someone who wronged you?

During their weekly, drunken girls’ night, Betsey and her friends fantasize about revenge for all who have been scorned. Then, after one too many b!tching sessions and six too many shots…Petty Betty is born.


Glitter in his vents? Chargers missing? Large box of dildos delivered to your office during a work meeting? There are no limits to how just how petty Betty and her girls can get.

But things get complicated when Petty Betty’s first target, Nathan, turns out to be the man of her dreams. The goal may have been to sweep him off his feet, literally, but Nathan gets to Betsey first.

Sparks fly as Betsey and Nathan start to fall for each other, and the line between revenge and romance becomes blurred in this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy.


In this hilarious romantic comedy, readers will be swept into a tale of full of lovable, relatable characters and unexpected twists and turns while they navigate redemption and the power of friendship.

Join Betsey and her friends on a journey of self-discovery and hilarious mishaps that are sure to keep you laughing until the very end.

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