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Overcoming Your Fears, Embracing your Destiny

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I was talking to an author recently. We briefly discussed how she felt that sometimes she was in a dream world. Where her dreams coming true were just that, a dream that she would wake up from and soon realize her path was all a fallacy.

I started thinking. From when we are young we are all told about the scary world and what we shouldn’t do and should do. We are pushed, tugged, and finally molded into the image of someone we are SUPPOSED to be. We are told to succeed but under the societal norms. We are to be lawyers, doctors, police women, but we are never truly told to find our true selves. We are never actively encouraged to find out who we truly are and what we would be best at. THAT is a problem. When our children tell us they want to be ballerinas or that they want to be a unicorn, we laugh it off and advise them that they should stick with a true path. But what is a true path? Who gets to make that decision? While, yes, my child cannot be a unicorn, there is nothing wrong with encouraging them to think outside the box. Don’t push them simply because it is unorthodox. These individual quirks is what makes us special. We need to embrace and aspire to do things that may be impractical. Do you think the first writer ever expected what their future would be? No. No one ever does. There isn’t a secret place where we are given our path, that would make things a hell of a lot easier for those of us that still struggle with our future.

You know what does come up often? FEAR. We stop what we are doing, we give up, we pursue the norm because we are told it is impossible. We listen, we hear, we stop, we feel...FEAR.

Fear. Fear is debilitating. It is all encompassing. It freezes you, it stops you from breathing. It prevents you from breaking out of your mold. Let me explain, it took depression, attempts at my own life, a loving husband and several regular sessions with my therapists to realize that when you are stuffed into a mold, it is a unique death sentence. One of your own making, by your own hands.

Fear. Fear murders. It can control every facet of your heart, your mind and your soul, until you feel that maybe an easy exit is better than feeling that fear. Break the mold. Understand, please. Dream, dream big. Follow those dreams, push. Follow those dreams, push harder. Follow those dreams, feel the mold give. Follow those dreams, feel the mold crack. Follow those dreams, feel the mold break. Follow those dreams, shatter the mold; shatter your fears.

Fear. What lies behind it is amazing. It is growth, it is rebirth, it is the ability to be more than what was ever expected, it is the ability to be MORE. Accept that being more than enough. No one can ever presume to tell you your worth my lovelies. That is your job. You determine your worth, you determine the validity of your dreams, of your future. That is YOUR JOB. Nothing else in life truly matters. We ALL have bills, responsibilities, pain, despair, joy, love, and heartbreak. Those are aspects in life that one cannot avoid, and that is okay. What is NOT okay, is letting those things completely dictate who YOU are as a person. Your name is NOT pain, despair, joy or heartbreak. Your name is NOT bills, or responsibilities. You are who you are because of the path that you set yourself on.

Fear. Fear is a word. YOU are a person. YOU are your future. YOU are your hope. You are who we love, as a person. If your choices and your path do not bring you happiness, then what has life brought you? Embrace who you are, your abilities, your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations. Everything else is inconsequential. Why? Because we are more than our fears, we are more than the breaths we take, we simply, are. And THAT is amazing. You are amazing, you are worthy and you will change the world, simply because you chose to change your world.

Overcome and Embrace. I believe in you. If all it takes is one person, I will be that person. I believe in you.

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