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Finding Your Outlet, Being a Voice

First and foremost, before I was ever an author I juggled quite a few domestic responsibilities as well as work related ones. It’s quite a bit to handle for everyone, not just women, but men too. I realized how quickly it was to fall into a routine that brought nothing but displeasure. I found myself falling deeper and deeper into depression. One of the major problems being tackled in our world today, is the normalizing of mental health issues.

For example, three days ago I found myself in tears, not able to function and not able to get out of bed because someone was simply unsupportive of who I was as an author and what my vision was. Two days ago, I was told that my excellence isn’t measured by someone‘s reluctance to see beyond their scope. One day ago I was finally able to muster up enough emotional stability to keep going. I share this for two reasons, to show you that I am human, and that I suffer from chronic depression and anxiety. Although those are my burdens, at no point in time do I plan to hide it. It is simply a part of who I am and I seek the help I need to push through harder everyday.

I found my outlet, I blog, I write, I watch Lucifer Bloody Morningstar and I have a great selection of friends I can go to when I’m down.

I don’t blog to be preachy, quite the contrary! I blog because it is one of my outlets. I find that even if I am a guiding voice for one person then I have successfully done my job as a decent human being. SO, my lovely readers, what are some of your outlets and how do you find that it helps you, not only grow as a person, but helps you emotionally and mentally? Do you feel that breathing is a bit easier once you have expressed yourself? Do you find yourself less triggered by circumstances beyond your control? It may not always be so, and that is okay! Every day is a learning process.

PS- This weekend I even went as far as getting something that will serve as a reminder that no matter how dark my life was at various points in time, I am still here, still breathing and I made it. Albeit, I made it after some attempts but I made it none-the-less. And I will be here pushing through everyday, to not only be a good mom, wife, human, but to also be a voice for those who may have lost theirs or those who may feel as if they wish they could.

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