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Be Your Own Cliche, Find Your Tribe and Embrace Who You Are...

You know when people tell you that you cannot do something? That gut-wrenching feeling that comes with feeling worthlessness? Yeah, I have felt it. I have lived in it. Swam in it actually. I didn’t really know what it was called. Day after day, tear after tear, I realized that I had fallen into a deep depression. I let people define me for so long that I lost who I was as a person, what made me happy. So I am going to to urge you to so something strange. That initial feeling of worthlessness? Ignore that feeling. Embrace what they said and turn it into your dream.

Often times you find people don’t believe in you the way you expect them to. That is okay, the important thing is that you believe in yourself. Yeah that sounds corny. Yeah it sounds cliche, crap I mean I even giggled when I wrote it. Truth is, life is a shit load of cliches, I mean that’s why the term was coined right? If you say things over and over again eventually they become ”cliche.” So why don’t you say it to yourself?

Say... I can do it, I am worthy, I am amazing, I can do what ever I need to do to make MYSELF happy. Let that be YOUR cliche. Let that motivate you, fill you with aspirations and goals because at the end of the day the only person who truly understands who you are is yourself.

I met an amazing group of women (Talk Nerdy I am talking to you!) who were so much like me it was amazing. I found my tribe, a group of hilarious, raunchy women who love the work ”fuck” as much as I do! A few “stop being a pussy” messages later and I started to write. It’s funny really, I knew them for 2.5 seconds before realizing that I didn’t need to know a group of people long before they inspired me to do great things. Sure my husband always said I was awesome and I should write and I love him, really. But a group of women who cursed as much as I do? Yeah that was my trigger.

So... my ingredients? Be your own cliche, find your tribe and embrace who you are. I can promise you, you’re pretty amazing. If you ever need a push in the right direction, and not off a cliff (I promise) you can always message me. Here I am!

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